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Latest News and Articles
FAQs on Search Engines
03 Nov 2004
Q. What is the most effective way to get my site listed in Google?

A. Submitting your site to Google's "Add URL" page can take 8-10 weeks to get your site listed. However, if Google does find your link on its own (i.e. through a link on another site) it will index your site much faster. We have been able to get our customers listed in Google in as little as five days. Another option would be to do a Yahoo! submit. Since Yahoo! and Google have a close relationship, Google automatically spiders sites accepted into Yahoo!.

Yes, you can still get on search engines free
03 Nov 2004
A lot of the formerly free search engines now charge to list you. That works for some people, but not for others. I must admit that the listing on Yahoo I paid $299 for, hasn't gotten me more than a handful of orders over the past two years.

On the other hand, search engines that offer free submission still pull in lots of visitors. Google works best for me. Alta Vista also does the job.

Want to succeed online? Information is king
03 Nov 2004
As the result of today's sluggish economy and unpredictable job market, millions of unsatisfied, nervous Americans are looking for other options in earning money to supplement or replace their current incomes. Chances are, you're one of them.

Every day, more and more of us look online for ways to profit big or just get by. But unfortunately, many of us who bite the bullet and join one business opportunity or another either wind up being ripped off, or never see the kind of income promised when we signed up.

Measuring Link Popularity
08 Oct 2004
"Which search engines use link popularity as a factor in ranking pages?" Well, that question has become pretty moot these days. Just about every spider based search engine uses link popularity as a factor. So, how do you find out how much link popularity your site has? And how do you know which sites are actually linking to you? In this article, I'll tell you how you can find out the link popularity of your site in some of the major search engines.

Page Rank Calculation
05 Oct 2004
The question is often asked, how many links do I need to get a Page Rank (PR) of 5 or 6? Pagerank at its best can be confusing for those that are familiar with it, and Page Rank is almost uncomprehendable for those that have no experience working with it.

The purpose of this article is not to discuss whether Page Rank is lost or bleed, or how Page Rank is voted, passed, accumulated or calculated, but to lay out a few simple rules that will help answer questions like the one above.

Domain Names Still Important Despite Search Engine Popularity
16 Sep 2004
A common belief is that search engines like Google make specific web addresses, that is, Internet domain names, relatively unimportant.

“That is not true,” asserts psychologist Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D. “As in other areas of branding, names are everything, and memorable names on the Internet are more important than ever before.”

Google Toolbar Using Browser Keywords Function
16 Sep 2004
Looks like Google is trying to assure placement within the browser one step at a time. The latest update of the Google toolbar includes “browse by keyword,” meaing if I type in “how do I kill this hangover” into my IE URL field, I will get Google resutls for the response.

Keyword browser searches are not new, and most PC’s default with a partner for this function (HP/Compaq and Yahoo for example), however, Google adding it to the toolbar only kicks up the steam of the search browser wars.

Feedster and Eurekster Mix RSS, Blogs, and Social Search
16 Sep 2004
Feedster, Inc., the RSS feed and blog search engine, today announced that it will power RSS and blog search results for Eurekster, the Internet search engine powered by social networking technology.

By integrating Feedster’s news search technology and RSS feeds, Eurekster now provides its users and subscribers with an expanded search solution containing new sources of information and data beyond traditional Web search.

Organic SEO: Patience For Long Term Ranking Results
16 Sep 2004
When does long term SEO show ranking results? It takes time for optimization to produce targeted traffic to your website. Organic SEO requires time to take effect, just as it takes time for your web pages to start showing up in the search engine results.

Clients regularly ask me about the timing of a search engine optimization campaign and when those results will be seen in the search engine listings.

2004 Election Candidate Comparison Search by PriceGrabber
16 Sep 2004
PriceGrabber, a shopping search engine, in conjunction with the University of Southern California’s (USC) Center for E-Government, has employed its shopping comparison technology to create a useful and unique candidate comparison tool to help voters choose between more than 100 candidates in the 2004 U.S. Presidential, Senate and Gubernatorial races.

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