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Service | E-commerce


Our Ecommerce websites combine stunning graphic design with powerful database functionality to get you selling products and services online. Over the years we have helped many entrepeneurs, small and midsize businesses get online with E-commerce.

  • Custom designed shopping carts with logic for discounts, sales taxes, shipping charge calculations and more

  • Secure online ordering and SSL encryption

  • Content Management System which allows you to update your product info, feature items and more. No programming required, no software, no hassles.

  • Full Order Processing and Customer Service Modules

  • Integration with merchant accounts for seamless online, real time, credit card processing.

  • Integrated with UPS and Fedex for shipping

  • Integration with Paypal

  • Custom designed features. We tailor our sites to meet your needs and serve your business.

Take the first step in joining the ranks of successful Ecommerce stores today. Click here for a free, no obligation consultation.


E-business is a powerful combination of Internet strategy, Internet marketing, and Internet technology. It is a balanced approach that opens new markets, redefines business processes, and transforms how the market interacts with your company.

Before any HTML page is designed or any line of code is written, there are goals and messages to be determined. They include the functionality, content, structure, design, target market, and finally a predetermined budget.

Navigation and organization within the site must also be determined. Furthermore, interactivity, styles and directions for all text, images, sound and animation for the clients taste and liking are discussed and completed. We won't put you so far ahead of the curve that you are the only one who can enjoy your site!

NetSolutions Group is the complete resource center for growing your e-business today - from making the right strategic decisions to designing, installing, and operating your Internet solutions. Our programming and design capabilities, coupled with our rapid deployment expertise enable us to deliver comprehensive solutions that help you seize new e-business opportunities and outpace your competitors.

When managed correctly from the beginning, the e-transformation takes place within your organization. Legacy system being supplement with a new interface to the web, a new Web application utilizes legacy data and all the functionally that is available to your employee in the office is now available to them on the road and from home. That's how Team integration connects the digital world with the real world and helps to transform your company into an e-business.

Take the first step in joining the ranks of successful Ecommerce stores today. Click here for a free, no obligation consultation.

E-Commerce Solution

We are proud to offer flexible e-commerce solutions for you. Our most popular, Alexo E-Shop solution is one of the most powerful e-commerce solutions available at the market for small and middle companies. That is ideal for complete e-commerce project or as additional feature for already existing site.

Solutions is fully automated, DB driven and allows integration with any Payment Processing system.

Unlike many other solutions, we do the custom system for you. We do not just adapt your requirements for the system. We adapt system for your requirements , which allows you to have the system which solved your tasks, not general.

The key benefits are

  • Complete site control via admin area

  • Any design could be used, made by us or other company.

  • Search Engine Friendly - unlike most of solutions, our allows your products to rank high in the search engines.

  • Fast and powerful engine based on PHP/MySQL

  • Integration with all Payment Processors ( getaways )

  • Unlimited Categories/Subcategries structure, totally controled by admin.

  • Visual Web Editor which allows you to manage the descriptions of products in the visual way, as if you print in Word.

  • Possible integration with any other system (CRM, CMS etc)
We have studied a lot of already existing e-commerce systems and took the best of them. What is very important, our solution is Search Engine firendly - that means people will easily find your offer when they look for particular products via Search Engines. That is the thing other developers do not care about. Consider this is as your You advantage over your competitors.

Please, for demo shop and more detailed description, contact us

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