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Service | Search Engine Optimization

Service Description

Search Engine Optimization

ALEXO Internet studio can not only give you the website of your dreams - well-designed, visually exciting and easy to use - we can get you rankings on the major search engines. We're talking about Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, AskJeeves/Teoma, AltaVista, Hotbot, Inktomi, Iwon, Looksmart, Lycos, Netscape, Overture, and AlltheWeb/Fast - all the big ones. How? Search Engine Optimization.

Getting your website ranked high on major search engines isn't easy. Most search engines use complex algorithms to determine where your listing will fall - and the algorithms vary from engine to engine. On top of that, Google alone has 1.3 billion web pages indexed or recorded and millions of new web pages are created every day. Websites that haven't been optimized get lost, meaning no one can find you, let alone buy from you. Search Engine Optimization is the answer.

During our manual optimization, we'll adjust your content, text, tags and page names, and ensure your site is picked up by search engine spiders. After all, if you can't be found, you can't put your well-designed website to work. Let's work together on all phases of your success.

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Google Yahoo!
Overture Lycos

Altavista msn

& Many More... Team believes in an integrated marketing approach. We encourage clients to implement an online marketing strategy that becomes part of their media mix.

We provide innovative, traffic-building programs that get your Web site in front of the Internet audience you want to reach. We have experience in both online and traditional marketing programs. Communications with our development team gives us the added advantage of providing you the most effective marketing campaign for your Web site.

We also realize that every client has different goals and objectives. We customize our marketing programs by recommending a strategy that appropriately meets the needs, expectations and budget of each individual.

Search engine submissions are the building blocks of an online marketing campaign. Majority of Web users start their journey exploring the Internet by typing keywords into a search engine. Making sure your site is listing in these search engines is critical for users to find you, but often times a long and arduous process. Team takes the pain out of this process by providing a comprehensive search engine submission program that guarantees your site placement in several hundred Search Engines, Directories and "What's New" sites.

Newsletters / Ezines often referred to, as online magazines, are one of the most cost-effective means of communicating with large numbers of people within a special interest group. The Ezine owner sells ad sponsorship spots to offset the cost of distribution. The subscribers have opted-in to receive information and look forward to news about their area of interest. When the Ezine owner makes a recommendation about your company's products and services, the audience is receptive and more inclined to respond favorably to your offer. Team finds the most appropriate Ezines for your company's message by researching your target market, and then acts as your agency to secure the best price.

Opt-in email is the most cost-effective way of communicating with a large audience. Individuals voluntarily subscribe to a specific list based on their interests. These opt-in lists deliver your company's message via email. The recipients can instantly click to your Web site to respond to your offer. Team finds the lists that match the profile of your target audience. Acting as your agent, we secure best price and can even help you customize your sales letter for maximum response.

Reciprocal Linking is one of the many criteria that search engines use to determine how high in the search results your Web site comes up. Search engines justify your credibility by the amount of sites that link to your site; the more sites the higher your ranking. Exchanging links with other Web site can improve your ranking and at the same time provide your visitor with more resources for their particular interest, a reason for them to come back to your site. Team has developed a Reciprocal Linking System that will allow you or a member of your staff to add and organize your links on a designated links page. We can also pursue a linking campaign for you based on your industry or vertical market.

Search Engine Keywords & Key Phrases

For the purposes of this page a "keyword" or "key phrase" is the word or phrase that someone enters into a search resource to find whatever they are looking for. If I am looking to book a flight to Paris I might go to a search engine like Google, for example, and key in the search box "cheap flights to Paris" and Google will then list for me those web pages it feels are most relevant to that question. I want to treat myself to a dish of tiramisu so I might go to Ask Jeeves and enter the query "how do I make tiramisu?". In these examples "cheap", "flights", "paris" and "tiramisu" are keywords and "cheap flights to Paris" and "how do I make tiramisu?" are key phrases.

When we are optimising a web site to improve its rankings in the search engines it is of great importance that the site be optimised for the most important keywords and phrases. It is all well and good making sure you are ranked at #1 for a range of phrases but if no one uses the phrases in question to look for what you have to offer you are no better off.

We will implement the latest SEO best practices onto your website. There are different techniques and strategies used to get your website higher search engine results. For the most part, search engines are looking for various keywords or phrases on your website, which include keyword: frequency, density, placement, phrases, file names, image name, domain name, etc. The list go's on and on and the rules change constantly. We keep abreast of any new techniques or strategies and only implement the latest and best practices onto your website.

Search engines are keen to spammers that try to over-hype their website with a plethora of keywords and other spamming techniques to bump up their rankings in the search engine results. This doesn't work anymore, and worst yet, could actually get your website banned for life with search engines. We will optimize your website and stay within the boundaries of good and ethical SEO practices.

Once your website has been optimized for search engine indexing it's time to promote and market your website using our Search Engine Promotion service. Using our search engine promotion services will increase your link popularity, thus increasing your ranking within search engines.

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