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Service | Website Design

Example of Work
Example of complete website designed by Alexo Team
Example of complete website designed by Alexo Team

What You Get
Professional website (based on custom website template(s)) that features:

▪ High-quality, optimized for fast loading graphics.
▪ The design of content of your site (text, headers, images etc).
▪ External CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) file.
▪ External Java Script file for mouseover effects.
▪ HTML comments for easy edit.
▪ 100% HTML compatibility with IE v.4+ and NC v.6+ web browsers.

On your request (free of charge):
▪ SSI technology use (separate files for a header, footer, menu, etc)
▪ HTML code preparation for PHP use (header, footer, menu, etc.)
▪ Installation (FTP uploading) of your site on a web server.
▪ Automatic submission to search engines and directories.

Please note:  CGI and PHP programming (site backend design) is not included.

To promote your site we would recomend to order a set of advertising banners and to take part in our partnership program if your site offers Internet-related products or services.
Optional Features
Source Graphics (webpage layout) - $49 per layout
Source Graphics is graphic layout(s) of your website template(s). It's Adobe Photoshop PSD file(s) that features:
  • Unmerged layers with editable layers effects.
  • Page content area design.
  • Button mouseover(s) in separate layer(s).
  • Easy-to-understand layers structure (layers are grouped into folders and every layer has its own name that helps you to find particular piece of graphics quickly and easily.
  • Precise placement of all page elements so you get exact copy of your website template.
  • Photoshop guide lines for easier editof your layout.

You also get all required fonts for FREE.

We highly recommend to include source graphics of your HTML template(s) in the order. It allows you to make any changes of your templates yourself, without waiting, whenever you wish. Else you'll need to order website support service when you need to make any graphic modifications of your website template(s).

Extra HTML Compatibility - $79 (for all pages) per browser

Our HTML coding is 100% compatible with MS Internet Explorer v.4+ and Netscape Communicator v.6+ browsers. However, up to 3% of the people still use old and alternative web browsers. If you're interested in this auditory, you can order compatibility with such browsers as Netscape Communicator v.4.x and current version of Opera.

ALEXO Link Removal - $149

When you order website design it's necessary to have Designed by ALEXO link on a title page of your site (usually under footer links and copyright). If you wish to use a link-free design on your site, you need to purchase ALEXO link removal.

Please note: in case of unauthorized ALEXO link removal, we delete a work from our portfolio and display it for sale.

We offer professional & affordable design or redesign of your website.

The major advantage of ordering website design (in comparison with website template design) is the guaranteed highest quality of your site. For a fixed cost you receive a high-quality website with content designed. We can even upload it to your web server and your website is online!

How It Works:

1. Your accept our development agreement and fill out design specification (we use it to most closely correspond with your preferences).

2. We create graphic design of title page website template and show it to you as JPG image.

3. You suggest required changes (if any) and we finish the graphic design.

4. You confirm changed graphic design and make the prepayment - 60% of website template cost plus 60% of optional features (if any).

5. We make HTML coding and show you finished working website template.

6. You pay the rest (40% of title template cost and 40% of optional features) and we send the template on your email.

7. Same actions as above for inner template (if required).

8. You pay the rest of website's cost and we start it's content design.

9. We send complete website on your email as ZIP archive.

Timing of Order

We need only 7..10 days.
Ordering Cost

Up to 5 pages website - $550
Up to 10 pages website - $750
Up to 20 pages website - $950
Every additional page - $40

You don't need to pay extra fee for any images, fonts, and JavaScripts that we use in your design.

However, if you have any questions regarding an ordering cost, don't hesitate to contact us.

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